How do we ‘Embrace Equity’ this International Women’s Day

CEO Becky Aldridge talking to a colleague

7th March 2023

At the Dorset Mental Health Forum, we believe that everyone has an equal right to enjoy all the opportunities that life can provide.  Whoever they are and uniquely in their own right.  We recognise that everyone’s circumstances and stories are different, that some people need just a little help to realise their aspirations, whilst others have further to travel and more obstacles to overcome, in order to build the lives that they wish to live.  We aim to embrace equity, by celebrating difference and welcoming diverse perspectives and experiences.

Like many people in the Forum, as a woman and as someone who has their own experiences of living with mental health issues, I have had to work hard through struggles and adversity to hold onto my compass and navigate my way through my own Recovery journey.   I think I made a conscious choice very early on in my life not to be defined or constrained by my gender, by my circumstances, by my experiences, or by other people’s limiting beliefs for me.  Instead, I was blessed with a steadfast determination to be more and to grow beyond and in spite of my circumstances.  This became the thing that defined me and my own way of embracing equity, inspiring and modelling to others that there is an alternative and different path.  For me, embracing equity starts from within, finding the courage and compassion to live by your own truth, claiming your power for yourself, not waiting for it to be bestowed by others.

On International Women’s Day and every day,  let’s embrace equity together by sharing our experiences and being part of change.

Becky Aldridge, CEO Dorset Mental Health Forum

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