Our Impact

Our Mission is to increase understanding of mental health, to support people’s Recovery and to build capacity within services and communities to bring about change.

We deliver our mission through four Strategic Aims:

  • Increasing understanding of mental health through Recovery Education and Co-production.
  • Supporting and enabling people to live the lives they wish to live.
  • Developing capacity and building connected communities across Dorset.
  • Influencing and transforming local services with the collective voice of lived experience.

Over the years, we have been able to bring lived experience expertise and people’s voices to the heart of statutory service design and delivery, influencing and driving culture change throughout local mental health services in Dorset.

We are proud and honoured to be making a positive difference to thousands of people’s lives across all of our projects and activities every year.

“Over the months you have been supporting me I feel like I have a chance at life again.  I went from feeling hopeless and angry at the world to feeling optimistic and planning for the future.  Without lived experience input I might not still be here.” 

“Your support has helped me understand my new diagnosis.  I now feel that I can manage my symptoms more independently and this has meant I feel stronger and more able to cope when things are tough.”

“When you talk to me about your experiences I feel less alone.”

“It helps talking to somebody who gets it.  I feel that I don’t have to keep trying to explain myself to people who don’t understand.” 

“Your support has helped me work better with my nurse.  I feel more confident that she understands me.”

Here is a summary of our activity in numbers for 2021:


DMHF Impact Stats 2021/22