Update - Community activities reintroduced by our Sports and Social team

footieWe are very pleased to announce that our Sports Social team are now ready to introduce community activities back into the program.

When government restrictions were relaxed we started to test actvites that would work for small numbers and at a social distance and can now roll these out across the county. It means that we have had to leave some popular activities on hold until restrictions are relaxed further but we will be ready to update the activities again as soon as guidelines allow us.

Our new amended program will give everyone the chance to get out and do something active like football, gardening or fishing or stay home and connect virtually with our onlne gaming groups and book club - it's your choice.

As always, every group is coordinated by a Forum Sports and Social Peer who can help with signposting and support if required but also crucially who can help people to focus on and enjoy the activity itself.

We would love as many of you to be able to take part as possible and will do our best to ensure everyone gets a fair crack at the groups so for more details or to get involved please email sportsandsocial@dorsetmentalhealthforum.org.uk or leave a voicemail on our office number 01305 257172 and we will get back in touch.

Please click here to download or access the latest activity list

Finally if you are struggling with your wellbeing and feel like you may be going into Crisis, please make use of Dorset Healthcare’s Connection service – a 24/7 telephone helpline 0300 1235440, which can provide direct help or signpost you to a range of other services.

Thank you.