Carers and Supporters

The Forum continues to develop our work with carers ensuring that the lived experience of carers is incorporated within many of our work streams.

We have two specific courses within our Recovery Education Centre called Recovery for Carers & Supporters. Both of the courses have been developed by carers and professionals, for those students who are supporting someone through their experience of mental health problems.

The courses enable students to share their experiences of being a carer or supporter, understand the impact on their own health and wellbeing and understand their rights as a carer, as well as signpost to other available support and resources. The longer course explores these areas more fully in the context of Recovery and also seeks to give people an overview of the key components of effective supportive relationships.

REC Prospectus 2016/17 .

Would you be interested in joining a group of carers helping to shape and influence local services in Dorset ?

If so please consider taking part in the Dorset Mental Health Carers Project

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